Back to Beijing

Towards the end of my most recent trip to China, two months ago, I was offered a job teaching English in a school to Korean students, and I decided to put my college plans on the back burner for a year or two and take it. So here I am, getting ready to head back to China’s capitol in less than two weeks.

Beijing West Railway Station

My plan is to live and work in Beijing for six months to a year, either getting a room in an apartment, or if I’m lucky, staying with a host family while I’m there. I’m still ironing that part out. After Beijing, I’d like to take the money that I’ve (hopefully) saved from working there, and continuing to travel around the world for a while longer.

I’ve created this blog to keep my family and friends back home aware of what I’m up to. I hope to share some cool culture, stories, and photos, and I’ll hopefully make some lifelong friends in the course of my adventure. (I had to choose between wordpress and blogspot…. but blogger is blocked by the Chinese government O_o)

Feel free to drop me a comment or an email at any time, I enjoy corresponding with everyone.


One Response to Back to Beijing

  1. Chris & Bob Vitt says:

    Hi Jake – go have a marvelous adventure!! Take a big bite out of life!! Be safe, God bless you – Chris & Bob

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