Beijing in Pictures

I didn’t feel like writing a bunch of paragraphs of text (which is why this blog entry is so overdue!), so I’ve decided to show some pictures of my time back in China so far.

It was pretty polluted my first few days here.

Had churros on new year’s eve

This is a thing here. It used to be called “Darkie” toothpaste, but was changed because of how blatantly racist it was. The Chinese name, 黑人牙膏,still means “Black Person Toothpaste”, though.

What kind of post would this be without some hilarious Engrish (mis)translations?

Attended a Chinese New Year office party (invited by one of my roommates, the guy in the middle of the back row in this pic).

Documented Beijing’s first flash mob, where everyone “freezes” in the middle of a public square for a few minutes.

Took a trip to the Dashanzi Art District in Beijing.

Had Turkish food on Valentine’s Day with my lovely girlfriend, Ru Ya (AKA Nicole). We went to her hometown, Xuzhou, for Chinese New Year, but I didn’t take any good pictures there, I was too busy having fun and eating way too much food!

I finally found decent Mexican food in Beijing! Even though their aesthetic is very Chipotle-inspired, the food was quite original and delicious. They didn’t actually have any avocados (or guac, bummer) when I went; I guess the city is having an avocado shortage or something. You’ll also notice that soda-cups aren’t a foot tall here, like they are back home.

I saw some kids trying to run up this concrete post on the street today. The last two pictures I took with an app called Instagram on Nicole’s iPhone. It’s got some pretty cool filter effects built in.

In case you are wondering what I’m up to, I’m about to begin taking classes at the Beijing Language & Culture University, studying Chinese. My classes haven’t actually begun yet, but I’m sure I’ll have more to write about by then! That’s all for this post, thanks for reading!

7 Responses to Beijing in Pictures

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Hi Jake! Enjoyed your photos, once again. The one with the smog is really sad though. So thankful for our clean air here in “tiny-town” Nebraska!

    • jake says:

      Hi Aunt Kathy, thanks for commenting! I agree, the pollution problem here really is a tragedy. Thankfully, most days the sky is relatively clean… today the skies are blue and sunny! Sometimes, living in a city of 25 million, I long for a small town!

  2. Theresa Webster says:

    Always enjoy reading–and seeing! Wishing you the best–especially the best health (as in breathing), with the pollution. Eeesh. And hooray for smaller soda cups!!

    Hugs from the Websters!

  3. Uncle Brad says:


    I hope my Chinese is good to read; let me know if you can translate it…

    Uncle Brad

    • jake says:


      • mary jane cox says:

        Jake, so good to hear from you. Love the picture idea. It makes us feel like we are in a little way a part of your world. Nicole looks absolutely darling. We are just enjoying (enduring) a lot of snow this month. Yesterday on the way to work, I-25 south to Castle Rock, about 20 semi trucks just stopped where they were in all the lanes and put on chains. I thought it smart of them since then they could make it up the hills to Castle Rock. Quite a sight. Can you tell, life in Denver right now is not too exciting from our limited perspective. Love, MJ

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